Watch: Lady Gaga Performs In Nashville For First Stop On Dive-Bar Tour

On Wednesday night (Oct 5), Lady Gaga promptly kicked off her 3 date Dive-Bar Tour in support of the upcoming release of her new album, Joanne. During the 20 minute set, Mother Monster debuted three new songs as well as “moshed” her way through lead single, “Perfect Illusion.” It became very clear by the Johnny Cash-esque strum of the guitar that this will be a different Gaga than what the Little Monsters are use to. With an extra twang in her voice, Lady Gaga (who asked the crowd to refer to her as “Joanne”) sang her heart out through “Sinner’s Prayer,” “Ayo,” and the just released “Million Reasons.” If you’ve followed “Joanne’s” career from the start, the sound will not be surprising to you. She’s always had elements of a contemporary singer-songwriter, even while she was wielding the infamous disco stick. As stripped as Gaga appears to be, Joanne is as much a concept album as ARTPOP or Born This Way. There’s an ostentatiousness in the way she addresses the crowd. It’s just not the freshman, art-student bullshit we’re used to. I’ll reserve my opinions on the project as a whole until I hear it in its entirety. I’m convinced it will be great music. It’s just not great music I’m particularly excited for.

Watch the entire show below!


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