Could Christina Aguilera’s New Album Be Dropping In January?

… Well that’s what London-based journalist, Laura Kramer, has to to say about it.

The album is reportedly titled, Blonde, adding fuel to a rumor that is well over a year old. What also gives this report credibility is Aguilera’s recent instagram post with her newly blonde locks stating, “Blondes really do have more fun 💋.” There’s no official word from the XTINA camp yet, but any info regarding new music has our ears perked up. Say what you will about BIONIC and Lotus (“Your Body” and “Let There Be Love” are pop 👏🏽 GOLD 👏🏽). Christina Aguilera has remained a staple in music and solidified herself as the voice of a generation early on in her career.

Aguilera hasn’t been totally missing in action, however. She released charity single, “Change,” for the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack as well as “Telepathy,” a retro throwback with Nile Rodgers that serves as the theme song to the hit Netflix show, The Get Down.


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