Stewart Taylor Shines On The Heartbreaking R&B Ballad “Withdrawal”

…need another hit of you…



I love a big, emotional R&B ballad. You know what I’m talking about. The kind of track that just tugs at the heartstrings. So when friend to the blog, pop singer/songwriter and LGBT activist, Stewart Taylor, shared his new single “Withdrawal” with me, I got excited. “Withdrawal” is that kind of song. It’s reminiscent of the understated, yet soulful piano driven productions of early 2000 smashes “We Belong Together” and “Be Without You.” It’s a departure from his highly buzzed about self-empowerment debut, “Liberation.” Stewart spoke to me about the song and what to expect from his sophomore EP:

“Withdrawal” is the first single off my sophomore EP, due out this summer, and it’s a much different direction than my debut single “Liberation.” I’ve had so many relationships in the past three years. My new music as a whole is more of a reflection of those relationships and how they’ve shaped me. “Withdrawal” puts the spotlight solely on my voice and subject matter that any human being can relate to… getting your heart broken. No one gets through life without going through a bad breakup, and this is a song that will, hopefully, help people get through the darker moments when they’re grieving and feel like they’ll never be able to move on. We’ve all been there.

When I asked him if his fans could expect a “Liberation Part 2” on the new EP, Taylor added:

I’ll never stop making empowering dance music, but my hardcore fans will have to wait for the rest of the record to come out to hear my next anthem.

Grab some tissues and listen to “Withdrawal” Below and download it on iTunes here!


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