MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Dumblonde “White Lightning”

The girls of Dumblonde are showing no signs of slowing down now that #TheBlondeEra has officially begun. Shortly after the preorder for their debut album, dumblonde, went live at midnight, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex unveiled the first offering from the visual album, the EDM-trap opener, “White Lightning.” With gorgeous cinematography from director Justin Jones, and co-directed by O’Day herself, “White Lightning” is a true display of artistry and surrealism that would even make Beyoncé readjust her wig. I look forward to seeing what else my girls have up their sleeve, because THIS… Is only the beginning.

You can preorder dumblonde on iTunes HERE and you will receive “White Lightning,” “Eyes On Horizon,” “Tender Green Life,” “Remember Me,” & “Dreamsicle” immediately!

Check out Dumblonde’s artsy-fartsy video for “White Lightning!”

They’re here!


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