ARTIST WATCH: Bryson Knoel Drops New “Titanic EP”

Staying true to the heart of XPOPBLOG, I’m proud to bring you up and coming R&B crooner, Bryson Knoel. Knoel dropped his brand new EP this week, titled, Titanic. Titanic is beautifully crafted with smooth R&B melodies and urban beats while laced with a commercial pop sensibility. The honesty and artistry in his lyrics mixed with his soulful vocals make Knoel someone to keep your eye on. Standouts include lead single, ‘Super Villain,’ and moody title track, ‘Titanic.’

Bryson Knoel explains the inspiration behind calling the EP Titanic on his official website.

The concept behind the “Titanic” EP, which is the follow up to the “Tip of the Iceberg” EP is drawn from the idea of my obstacles being represented by a huge ship (The Titanic) and myself still being the “Iceberg” that my listeners only saw a fraction of in the last EP. Therefore I would be breaking down and conquering my obstacles and struggles. My struggle with the music industry. The struggle to create my sound. The struggle to find others who understand my sound. The struggle to fund my own projects. The struggle to build a following. The struggle to deal with the hardships in my personal life. All of the things that got the best of me during the release of my last project and the creation of my current project.

Listen to Bryson Knoel’s Titanic EP after the jump!

Be sure to follow Bryson Knoel on Social Media:

Twitter: @brysonnoelmusic


Facebook: brysonnoelmusic

What do you think of Bryson Knoel’s Titanic EP? Let us know in the comments below!


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