New Music: Christina Milian “Rebel”

It seemed for a while in the early 2000s that Christina Milian was going to be IT! She had us partying from “Am To PM.” She made us all “Dip It Low.” Jennifer Lopez let Milian have a solo during the chorus on “Play” from the JLO album. She even indulged our guilty pleasures of watching Disney cartoons with the Kim Possible theme song, “Call Me, Beep Me.” Then Rihanna came and snatched her songs she disappeared into oblivion after her MySpace deal fell through. Well Ms. Milian has been hustling a comeback ever since she quit The Voice as social media correspondent per XTINA’s request. Christina landed herself a reality show on E! and just released her first single in 7 years titled, “Rebel.” How is it? meh.

All shade aside, the problem with “Rebel” is that it is very much a Lil’ Wayne track, almost as if Wayne was recording a song and Christina demanded to have it. It’s not a song written by Lil’ Wayne for Christina Milian. Granted, it’s been seven years, so we have no idea who Christina Milian is in 2015 (according to E! she’s “turned up”). I was just hoping for something a little more… upbeat? pop? anything but this… I still stan for the “Us Against The World (Jason Nevins Remix)”! Sigh. Maybe in another seven years, Tina.

Do you think Christina Milian is a “Rebel?” Tell us what you think of the song below!


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