Katy Perry Plays Superbowl XLIX, Wins The Internet

You have to hand it to Katy Perry. She knows her audience and her brand. Riding on top of what looked like a Zord straight out of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Katy, and her prerecorded backing track, roared into the Superbowl XLIX arena on a mission. Stockpiled with pyrotechnics, cheesy costume changes, and dancing sharks, Katy exuded everything about the pop star that she is. And that’s perfectly fine. The addition of Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliott seemed out of place on paper, but worked in contrast to the Sesame Street vibe of Perry’s Teenage Dream, making for a well rounded show. On top of the spectacle, Katy has seemed to win the internet with gifs and memes of her costume choices. Yes. Katy did look like Will Ferrell in Blades Of Glory. And Yes. She did ride The More You Know logo. She’s always been one for a pop culture reference, so don’t think that it was unintentional. However, Is Katy Perry Madonna? No. Is she Beyoncé? Nope, and she doesn’t have to be. Do you Katy, do you. Keep on shining like The More You Know Star a Firework, girl!





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