New Music: Giorgio Moroder Feat. Kylie Minogue “Right Here, Right Now”

….with the help, of course, of dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder of course! Actually, it’s technically the other way around, on his new single, ‘Right Here, Right Now,’ which features Kylie giving her best disco diva realness since…dare we say ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’…or at least ‘All The Lovers’. As for Giorgio, his new album ’74 Is the New 24′ is his first album in over two decades! (And yes, the title is serious…he is 74!) For those who don’t know, Moroder has production and songwriting credits that include Donna Summer’s ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘I Feel Love’, ‘MacArthur Park’, and ‘On The Radio’, along with many other classic pop and dance hits, including Irene Cara’s mega jam from the Flashdance soundtrack ‘What A Feelin’‘, Blondie’s ‘Call Me’, and Berlin’s hit ‘Take My Breath Away’. (…and you thought that was a Jessica Simpson original! Lolz!!)

Anyway, since the 80’s Moroder hasn’t been doing much in the public eye, and who needs to when you can cash all those residual checks? But in 2013, Daft Punk went to a more pre-electric disco sound, and featured Moroder on the track ‘Giorgio by Moroder’ off their album, ‘Random Access Memories’.  Now that the neo-disco sound is back in full swing though, Moroder has decided to capitalize on his success and is releasing the new album later this year, including MAYJAH collabs with artists like Kylie, Sia, Chari XCX and…yes…Britney!! So we’ll be listening for all of them. Here’s the new track with Kylie, ‘Right Here, Right Now’.

What do you think? Is it too much like all the other disco throwbacks, or is it more unique because this is actually his thing? We love the way Kylie’s voice sounds, and we appreciate the use of real strings on the track, rather than some synthesizing string imposter! The song builds, it’s pretty catchy, and we’d play it again. Let us know if YOU would in the comments!!


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