New Music: Nicole Scherzinger “On The Rocks”

Nicole Scherzinger is the most resilient artist in the music industry. She has had failed attempt after failed attempt but the girl keeps on trying. Although, it must be noted that she’s found a home on UK radio, but she doesn’t seem to stick here in the U.S. I’m not sure her new single, “On The Rocks” will be the jam that does it for her either. On the surface, it’s a beautiful ballad about breaking up with a volatile lover. The excessive use of auto-tune however, whether for pitch correction or “sake of the art,” is just too much. It’s certainly a risk to release a ballad at this stage in the game though, but I use the catchy lead-off single, “Your Love” over this any day. Is it a bad song? Certainly not. But it’s not up to par with the unreleased “Pretty” she performed during her stint on the U.S. X Factor (sigh). Here’s to hoping that Nicole can catch a true break and finally get her career “off the rocks.”



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