Album Review: Ariana Grande “My Everything”

Ariana Grande released her second album, My Everything, yet it is a far cry from being just that. It is something, however. It is smooth. It is sexy. Most importantly, it is a step in the right direction. However, it lacks the depth necessary to make a statement for a sophomore effort. Even with Grande’s slick, powerful voice and countless hit-makers, My Everything presents a disconnect between the mature nature of the album and the “barely-legal-Lolita” image she’s marketed since her stint on Nickelodeon. It’s hard to connect with her as an artist when it appears she’s hiding underneath the security of that ponytail. The symbolic nature of her eyes being closed on both the artwork for Yours Truly as well as My Everything is indicative of how reserved she is about letting the world in. It is not all bad news here, however. There are a few standout tracks on My Everything that deserve some recognition, like the infectious lead single “Problem,” the anthemic-EDM “Break Free,” and the seductive stand-out “Love Me Harder.” At the end of the day isn’t it really about her undeniable voice paired with great pop music? We just wish there was more of the latter offered here. Check out the videos for “Problem” and “Break Free” after the jump. Purchase My Everything on iTunes here and judge the rest for yourself. 


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