Music Video Premiere: Fifth Harmony “BO$$”

The girls of Fifth Harmony have grown up overnight in the newly released video for their woman-empowerment track, “BO$$.” Wait, I thought we weren’t allowed to call women bossy? Is bossy different from being a boss? Does replacing the S with $ make it better? I’m confused… Anyways, Normani, Lauren, Ally, Camila, and Dinah are looking FIERCE while dancing out of sync and playing dress up. It’s serving me early 2000s realness! You know, when every 17 year old pop star decided they wanted to be grown up and played out ridiculous scenarios and wore too much make-up. I still can’t with the lyric, “Michelle Obama/Purse so heavy getting Oprah dollahs.” I mean, you would have never heard anyone shouting out Hillary Clinton in a song, or Barbara Bush. Could you imagine? The versus are a bop though. Check out the clip below, and notice how Dinah is going to be snatching wigs in two years. You heard it here first guys! #Flawless.


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