New Music: Danity Kane Feat. Tyga “Lemonade”

I for one am EXTREMELY excited about the return of Danity Kane! I posted the announcement of the girls’ #NoFilterTour a few months ago and have shared my excitement to score Meet & Greet tickets! Well the wait for new music is finally coming to an end just in time for the kick off of their tour on Friday in San Francisco, CA. Late last night/early this morning, the girls unleashed what is presumably the artwork for the lead single, “Lemonade,” from their upcoming album. The artwork is FIERCE and definitely indicative of the girls’ artistic visions since embarking on their own solo ventures during DK’s hiatus. The track is said to be produced by the Stereotypes (“Damaged“) and featuring rapper Tyga. No release date is known, but many outlets are claiming it will hit iTunes tomorrow, in time for the #NoFilterTour.

However, it’s not without drama. Aubrey, Dawn, and Shannon have each posted the artwork to their Instagrams, however Aundrea has yet to mention anything about it. She is notoriously inactive on social media platforms, but when it comes to promoting Danity Kane, she has been right along with the hustle. On top of that, the aforementioned trio have posted photos from rehearsal at Millennium Dance Studios, with Aundrea seemingly absent. To further confuse things, choreographers have taken to Instagram as well with photos of all four girls being present for rehearsal. Allegedly, Aundrea is contracted to complete the tour but will not move forward with the group after. I, personally, don’t see this to be true. My girls have always been one step ahead in terms of marketing themselves. I just hope my instincts are right and that it is just to stir the pot and get people talking. #DK4

We will all have to wait and see A) if “Lemonade” drops tomorrow and B) if Aundrea is anywhere to be heard on the track or seen at the show Friday. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: “Lemonade” Premiere!


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