Music Video Premiere: Mariah Carey “You’re Mine (Eternal)”

Mariah Carey released “You’re Mine (Eternal),” the first single from her (delayed) new album, on February 12th. Originally scheduled to drop Valentine’s Day, Carey made the love song available two days early, along with a remix featuring Trey Songz. The song recalls her 2005 smash hit, “We Belong Together,” which quite possibly is Mimi’s biggest hit to date. On paper, “You’re Mine (Eternal)” has everything it needs to make it a true Mariah “#1.” Lyrics about a long lost love: Check. Whimsical, pop-R&B vibe: Check. Mariah’s incomparable voice: Wait. No. It’s been no secret that Mariah’s voice has become a shadow of itself over the past few years. Her vocals sound weathered, when they aren’t being filtered through a number of audio effects that would make even Britney Spears jealous. However, Mimi’s struggled to reclaim her Throne at the top of the charts since the release of “Touch My Body,” which made it’s debut, ironically, February 12, 2008. It hasn’t been without trying, though. After mild success with “Obsessed,” taken from 2009’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,” she saw a series of flops with the hip-hop empowerment collab, “Triumphant,” 2013’s “#Beautiful” and the title track “The Art of Letting Go.” After being in a musical slump, we’ve been rooting for Mariah to put her best foot forward with an already overdue project. “You’re Mine (Eternal)” is a nice song, but it’s not doing the job Camp MC wants it to. 

We here at XPOP decided to take a look back and compile Mimi’s 10 best lead singles based on US/UK sales and charts! Check out where your favorites fell after the jump.


10. Obsessed

Famed for it’s “Mean Girls” reference and the drama surrounding her feud with Eminem, “Obsessed” managed to gain Mariah relevancy in a music landscape that was saturated with pop-dance anthems. Heavily auto-tuned, thumping R&B beat, and a campy video parodying Eminem stalking her all helped “Obsessed” peak at #7 on the charts.

9. It’s Like That

Despite it’s midi-file vibe, “It’s Like That” embodied the Mariah we’d become accustomed to since she reinvented herself as a pop-R&B diva in the late ’90s. The video is one of two parts that centers around her engagement party to Eric Roberts. A masked Wentworth Miller enters the party, presumably to cause trouble for the couple. Not the strongest track to lead with, but smart to couple it with the release of “We Belong Together,” the second part of the story. “It’s Like That” played its part in helping Mariah make the mother of all comebacks in 2005.

8. Loverboy

Plagued by it’s association with Mariah’s first starring movie role in “Glitter,” “Loverboy” began the demise of the MC that we’ve come to know and love. Mimi pushed her boundaries with the barely there outfits, a cheesy sample, and a dated production with way too many features for one song, that she had to release a remix with more! We were just as surprised as you are to find out that “Loverboy” made this list…

7. Vision of Love

The song that started it all! “Vision of Love” introduced us to the voice of the ’90s. Written almost as a how-to for vocal technique and acrobatics, “Vision of Love” is still considered one of Mariah’s best songs of her career, putting her in the same category as Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) and Celine Dion. Consider it Mimi’s “Greatest Love of All” or “Power of Love.”

6. Emotions

Mariah’s second coming with “Emotions” recalls the disco sounds of “The Best of My Love,” by, well, The Emotions. Even relying heavily on its predecessor, “Emotions” still manages to claim its own identity in cementing Mariah’s legacy as a pop-powerhouse. I can do without the cheesy, early ’90s, sepia-filled montage video though.

5. Heartbreaker

“Heartbreaker.” The video that introduced us to Bianca and gave Mariah the confidence to say, “Yes. I can be an actress.” “Heartbreaker” gives us pop-Mimi realness while Jay-Z adds an equally catchy verse to an already infectious track. “Heartbreaker” tried to further promote Mariah as an R&B princess, but that catchy hook wasn’t fooling anyone (Not to mention the cameo from Jerry O’Connell). Shoutout to Da Brat and Missy Elliott who appear on the epic remix, where ever you are.

4. Touch My Body

Capitalizing on the success of her previous effort, “The Emancipation of Mimi,” Mariah goes back to her roots with ’90 r&b-pop  on “Touch My Body.” This homage to herself is where Mariah excels at being, well, Mariah. We like our Mariah catchy, not over-thought, and sexy.

3. Honey

On the heels of her divorce from record mogul Tommy Mottola, Mariah liberated herself from turbulent marriage, her contemporary pop sound, and her clothes with the release of “Honey.” The sexy track was the first offering from Mariah that hinted at a more mature, urban sound, recruiting Puff Daddy P.Diddy for the production and Mase for the remix. “Honey” was also the beginning of our journey with “half-naked-on-a-beach” Mariah.

2. Dreamlover

“Dreamlover” is the essence of everything Mariah embodied in the early ’90s. Curly dark brown hair, tied-up plaid shirts, jean shorts, dancing in a field full of diversity and, finally, laying in some grass. It was EVERYTHING.

1. Fantasty

It  was no surprise when “Fantasy” came out on top. It has EVERYTHING we want our Mariah to be. A dramatic beginning. The “sha-do-do-do-do-do’s.” A catchy hook. THAT voice. And a timeless remix that has become more popular than the original. Too bad it seems the only “fantasy” Mariah is having these days is one that involves gaining her career back.


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